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Landlord Wants To Paint Inside Of House.

The Masked Tulip

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Letting agent called for quarterly inspection a fortnight ago and today I learn they are sending a guy around to look at painting the inside of the house.

I feel no need for this but they seem insistent.

The letting agent says they have been in touch with the landlord and OKayed this - landlord now wants a quote for work.

This will mean lots of hassle for me moving stuff around, having paint fumes in the house, etc.

So can I turn this down?

I get a feeling that the letting agents just want to make money for themselves. I have no means of getting in touch with the landlord direct.

Thanks for any advice.

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Rentsmart Wales, registration of landlords and agents by October 16 (I think), training as fit to be a landlord or agent first. Property inspections to take place shortly after. Is your place maintained, fit for purpose, etc. I have not seen anything about penalties for any no compliance to housing standards or for not registering yet.

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Thanks all.

The house is well maintained. I did wonder about putting it on the market but the landlord has a load of houses all that were bought very cheap.

I did not know about the right to know the landlord's name and address.


Part of me does not want to make a fuss as I am happy where I am. But I don't have the space, nor time, to be shifting around all my furniture and belongings just so that a decorator can come in and paint.

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If the tenancy agreement imposes on the landlord an obligation to paint the interior there is an argument that he has a right of entry to comply with the obligation so long as the interior needs painting. In the absence of such an obligation and the state of decoration being satisfactory, the landlord has no right to carry out the work.

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