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I think most of these have already been done here, but good to see that the FT is joining us in mocking property porn:


Feelbad TV

Notebook is filming a range of “harsh reality” television shows in the wake of economic warnings from Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, and his outgoing deputy, Andrew Large.

Mr Large on Tuesday echoed Mr King in arguing that markets for many commodities are “too frothy”, that corrections are likely and that interest rates could rise.

That would kill off feelgood television shows featuring couples whose London homes have soared, allowing them to buy dream properties elsewhere. Also threatened are programmes where workless yuppies do up a run-down flat and fondly imagine they are developers when the rising market makes them a profit. The new programmes extend the “property porn” genre with a timely injection of sado-masochism. They include:

■Eviction, Eviction, Eviction. Records the eviction for mortgage arrears of couples previously featured on home-buying show Location, Location, Location. Plummy Kirstie takes the unlucky pair on a final tour of the paddock and the farmhouse-style kitchen. Suave Phil finds them a cheap, rented flat in King’s Cross.

■Escape to the Rain. Amanda Lamb, from Escape to the Sun, helps an Andalucian peasant to buy a pied à terre in Notting Hill.

■Property Snake. Sarah Beeny follows up on Property Ladder by showing that self-styled “developers” cannot protect themselves from the harsh realities of the market by spending £600 on a set of designer bath taps.

■Grim Designs. Kevin McCloud shows how modernist design principles can improve a shack built from packing cases and corrugated iron. A must-watch for all couples bankrupted by the interest on a self-built dream home inspired by Grand Designs. Providing they can still afford a telly.

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I would swear all journos read this forum.

If only.

I'm waiting for them to start filming property ladder etc in a falling market. Instead of "you've gone £20,000 over budget but it's ok" we get "you've gone £20,000 over budget, prices have fallen another £30,000, total loss £50,000).

Somehow I don't think they will be so keen to broadcast this, still my disapointment is a small price to pay to keep Sarah/Phil/Kirsty off of our screens.

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...or, "you did a superb job, kept well within budget...", (just as viewers believe they would), "...but unfortunately the general fall in property prices during the period means the property is worth no more now than when you started to work on it".

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