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Time to raise the rents.

Earnings Growth Down, Unemployment Up

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Earnings growth down = even worse multiples of house prices to wages

Unemployment up = even fewer people who can afford to buy

Energy costs high = inflationary effect

Money supply up = inflationary effect and the reappearance of the monetarists (remember them?)

Bernanke = inflation is better than deflation

ECB = 'old fashioned' economists less worried about house prices but obsessed with inflation

Iran oil bourse = beginning of the end for the petrodollar

All the above together = pressure on sterling

Rate rise anyone ?

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Rate cut anyone?

Will somebody deal with this stuck record?

TTRTT we don't need a rate cut because houses are increasing by £2000 a month and that alone can support the UK economy - haven't you heard?

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Rate cut anyone?

I have to agree with our friend Rents. Next IR move will be down.

I'm a strong bear and believe that for the good of the country in the medium/long term IR's should rise, but the govt (and the MPC whom they control) are all very short-termist. This is a ponsi scheme which has gone too far. The only thing to do now is to try to keep it going as long as possible before it falls over. Those in power have their own agendas.....as much as we'd like to think it they are not looking for the best interests of the people, they're not. I belive that we could well see a new PM before the year is out. After then GB can blame any financial meltdown on his successor...."et's nowt tu du weth me....when aye left et was luw enterest reets, luw onemployment und luw enflaytion".

You will more likely see rates at 4% by year end than 5%.


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