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Surely These People Have To Live Somewhere

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It is often said that Immigration has no effect on housing. With these numbers and the fact that the Government had the predictions completely wrong is it little suprise that there are not enough houses to go around and inflation in houseprices continues unabated with so much demand.

The Bank of England has credited the Eastern Europeans with keeping down wage inflation, a mixed blessing for native workers. Most economists believe that they have helped to fuel economic growth, although some believe they could be responsible for the rise in unemployment.

Most other West European countries have admitted only a handful of Eastern European workers. France has given just 875 work permits to Polish workers, while Greece has given 580. Nearly 500,000 Eastern Europeans already lived and worked in Germany but the number has hardly changed since enlargement.

Opponents of open borders are likely to argue that countries that did not impose restrictions had a far higher influx than predicted. The British Government predicted only 5,000 to 13,000 Eastern Europeans would come, but 175,000 came in the first year alone. Ireland had 85,000 workers from Eastern Europe in the first year.

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This sickens me!!! We look after non-tax payers more than the tax payers!

It also sickens me that the Crimewatch most wanted consists of 90% Immigrants! If anyone of them commits a crime I would send the whole group on the appication back - immediately. They want to come here and NOT abide by our laws.


P.S. This is a small minority - this is not a generalisation

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