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Rightmove Vs. Hpc.co.uk

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Could this website handle a similar amount of traffic as Rightmove??

I have no idea, but it it is surprising that this site carries so much traffic when compared to rightmove. For every 12 people that visit rightmove, 1 visits HPC. Well, that surprises me anyway, I thought I was in a tiny fringe minority of freaks here. Plus rightmove has the unfair advantage of TV advertising.

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Speaking of rightmove - their index is out tommorrow.... if they ever show any headline drops in prices, it would be interesting to see the effects on site traffic to both sites!

Just as a side for the last few months the RightMove stats have been leaked early, but pretty quiet this month... might be an interesting report tommorrow... I'll be looking to see what they have to say about 2 bed flats luxury apartments!

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Good point

Considering the millions in advertising and pr spent Hometrack has had behind it, they rank today at: 116,449.


Little known company, (with a slightly bearish editorial team), Firstrung ranks today at: 45,096.


When you combine HPC and Firstrung as sane voices in the madness of crowds then perhaps the message is getting across even to those permanently on message ;)

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