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Just thought I'd post this. I stumbled across it on the TMF and because I am working towards setting off on my own it put a smile on my face (as did a simliar style of post by Dr Bubb).


Deepest sympathy. I started my working life as a toolmakers skivvy and spent long dark days in a factory, not seeing daylight between Monday and Friday during winter. I made tools that made paint scrapers.

From there I went to the motor trade where I became a mechanic in a backstreet garage, welding up shitty old cars, inhaling brake dust and only having clean hands when I had two weeks holiday. I pulled the wheels off cars to find my hand grasping the wheel at the exact point where it had driven through dog terd. I swallowed petrol, broke fingers and sustained inumerable other minor injuries.

Not meaning to sound like a Monty Python sketch here but back then (1980s) that was the equivalent of staring all day at a computer screen.

Today, I only work because I am not satisfied with the ordinary standard of living provided for by my residual income (i.e that which comes in if I work or not). I walk my dog every day about lunchtime in fresh country air. Sometimes I take my wife and young baby.

If I had made different decisions, I might now be managing the toolmaking works or the backstreet garage. But good people over time have given me sound advice. So I gave up employment and started making my own money through running my own businesses. I have to tell you that whilst running my own businesses I have had some of the scariest times of my life. I recall when I first started out, feeling sick when I realised that the bank account was empty and I imminently had £10k bills to pay. At that point I began learning the lessons of cashflow and being hard-nosed with suppliers demanding money.

This is not intended to be a smug bast4rd telling everyone how good his life is and how clever he has been. I am probably just about of average intelligence, I am no Alan Sugar or Richard Branson and I don't own an airline. I look at other business owners I know and marvel at how shrewd they are. It makes me feel inadequate! But I made a decision a while ago that I would never kiss the boss's backside again, take orders from halfwits or spend my working day doing something I hate.

If the thought of an exra bank holiday fills you with as much joy as it obviously does. If you want freedom to go to the park and walk your dog. If you don't love what you do. Switch off your PC, thank your current boss for his help and guidance (!), take your P45 and go set up your own business. You are a long time dead, and when you die I guarantee you will not wish you'd spent longer gazing at a PC screen.



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My boss kisses his bosses a*se. And his boss kisses his bosses a*se. An old collegue kissed my bosses a*se and is now a "team leader" (that we don't even need).

I don't kiss a*se but i've got dignity and probably earn the same hourly rate as my boss because he is always at work.

Who's the mug!

Even better, i'm being layed off in March and can't wait to get paid off after 12 years and to see how the a*se kissers do without the experience of the non-a*se kissers.

My guess is thay they will move manufacturing to another European country when the Yank's see the change in results!

If I could earn 3/4 of my current wage after i'm made redundant - and work for myself - I would. But doing what?

Answers on a postcard please.

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