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Moderators - Just A Suggestion

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When reading a lot of these posts, you have to read between to the lines to work out whether someone is a FTB, OO, Landlord, Pissed off father who cant get rid of his kids etc.

We know the stance of the majority of the regulars, but I would like to know the stance of the new members and those that post infrequently. I think knowing someones postion either strengthens or discredits a point of view.

Is it possible for the users to have their status as








I just feel I would appreciate peoples postion a bit more.


I have read a few posts in the past that have had people saying "you FTB's - you can afford a house its just that you want too much"

If this comes from a FTB thats about to purchase then there is some weight to his arguement even though its just opinion. If this is from an Investor then its just trolling! If its from an OO then its easy for them to say as they have a property but another OO could counter that arguement by saying that they are stuck in the chain and HPI affects all.

Get my drift? Just a suggestion.


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What difference would this make?

Anybody could conceal their true status if they had an agenda/interest to promote in the forum...

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