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Properties On Ea's Books

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There's been some talk in the indices lately about the number of properties for sale falling - touted as evidence for a "pick-up in the housing market". I had a quick jog through my village today (Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border), checking out the "for sale" signs as usual. There were 3 houses, which had had "for sale" signs up during late summer/autumn that had disappeared during the winter, on which "for sale" signs had appeared again. I doubt this is "flipping" - even the VI indices have my area as static/falling - so have the vendors of these properties withdrawn them from sale "until the market picks up in spring" (ahem!!)? Does anyone have any anecdotal/EA evidence that the fall in properties for sale is due to vendors waiting for spring, rather than an increase in sales?

I strongly suspect (and hope!) this is the case, and the "spring bounce" will see a flood of property on to the market...feel free to reassure me

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I remember hearing that St. Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for EAs. If people want their homes on the books by Feb. 14th, they should think about getting the lead out now.

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not sure if for sale boards are a good indicator

on my road there are 3 houses with boards up, but there are another half a dozen houses on eas books.

another house i have been watching for over 6 months has just had the for sale board removed, but is stoll listed for sale with the agent.

probably found it embarassing that after 6 months it had not gone under offer

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Last Saturday I visited a very busy Stratford-upon-Avon and while walking up one of the main streets passed by a large EA with hundreds of properties in the window. As I peered inside I saw about 6 desks with only one occupied. Sitting there was a lonely EA, a female about 30, with her head resting on her clasped hands staring into space. I had my digital camera with me and thought this is the shot of a lifetime, I backed up and took aim and the EA got up and ran into the back of her office!!!!!

A profound statement about the state of the market.


On the subject of digital cameras: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/micro_st...TE=Jan+11,+2006

An illustration as to how fast markets change these days. The HPC can come like a thief in the night--one day the market is stagnant and faltering as it is today and the next day its plummeting.

At least we can still laugh at the absurd:


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