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Mass Hypnosis

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"Look into my eyes , not around the eyes, look into my eyes, when i click my fingers you will think that House prices are rising"

That must be it pure VI spin hypnosis on the masses.

I rememer being a young PC standing facing some very pleasant (used to give them my packed lunch) miners at the time of the miners strike.

Whilst they read the front page of 'the Miner' papare with headlines to the effect that No Coal is moving in Nottinghamshire and an article that accused the govt of using library pictures on news broadcasts, behind them and clearly visible was a train pavcked with coal makingh its way from the colliery.

Scargill said it so it must be true. They believed what they wanted to believe.

I find an analgy between that blind faityh in a man with a hypnotic oratory ability to the sheeple faith in VI spin.

Anyone who is getting nervous, thinking about commiting themselves to financial suicide by buying now, look around you see the truth. The anecdotes on this sight are the reality of the situation.

Mine for the day, is that 3 brand new houses sit with multiple EA For Sale signs in Cheddington, a commuter village with walking distance access to the Euton mainline. They have been sitting there for 5 months waiting for someone to pay the silly prices. But no one has. They still sit. I guess that they sit on land occupied previously by 2 houses, lets say purchased at £150,000 each (very low estimate, lucky to get a flat in this part of the world for that money).

Assume £100000 each to build and that by my simple maths makes a total of £600,000 sitting there on sale for around £900,000 in total.

At what point will the builder realise that he has to knock thousands off to stop paying interest or loosing alternative investment opportunity?

Even the professional in this case must be expecting that VI spin will at least get the asking price , after all prices are rising , arn't they?

Methinks that reports of the death of the HPC are very much exagerated.

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