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Naughty Estate agent - Rightmove website


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Don't know if anybody else has noticed this. On Rightmove's website, two local estate agents in my area (Home Seekers and Bairstow Eves Countrywide) are employing the morally questionable tactic of slapping a "Sold STC" on every single one of their properties listed. I haven't bothered to check with them because I'm a hundred percent confident that this is misrepresentation.

This is tantamount to fraud and the sort of stuff that fines are dished out for (like the EAs who were recently fined for putting up "Sold" signs outside their directors houses).

Some EAs are decent and conduct their business properly and fairly, but there are also a lot of cowboys out there that give the whole industry a bad name. I feel sorry for anyone who's been duped into instructing these conmen.

Not an uncommon observation, I'm sure. Anyone else noticed similar practices?

The other thing I noticed from Rightmove is that houses seem to come off the market without SSTC; I presume that it costs money to advertise on Rightmove and EAs like to keep their costs down by removing the advert once a sale has been agreed in principle.

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SSTC's round here are still on Rightmove. Could be people taking houses off the market after not getting enough interest and / or switching agents (maybe ones that don't use Rightmove).

The really funny thing is were the property is one with more than one agent at different prices - one round here is at £750 and £715 and they get listed together.

I've also seen properts disappear and then reappear - server glitches?

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Report them to whichever body/organisation that investigates this type of situation. Anyone know which organisation is the relevant one? I have noticed in the press around the country that there have been one or two estate agents investigated for malpractice (e.g. putting up sold signs outside their own houses to make it look like the property marklet is really moving in that locality). In my opinion they get away with far too much so any investigations, whatever the outcome, are to be welcomed. Estate Agency in itself is not of course inherently wrong but there have certaionly been many questionable tactics used in the current house market boom.

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We have a new independant agents set up earlier this year in my area. It seems as if they don't even have for sale boards just Sold ones as as soon as board goes up its sold.

And believe me the housing market in my area isn't that good.

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