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53% Want Bush Impeached

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JACKSON HEIGHTS, New York - January 3 - "We are honored by the broad support for impeachment from this distinguished group of true American patriots," said Bob Fertik, President of ImpeachPAC. "Impeachment is not a 'fringe' position, as the Bush Administration would like Americans to believe. With a recent Zogby poll showing Americans support impeachment hearings by a solid majority of 53%-42%, there is far more support for impeachment than there is for the War in Iraq," Fertik said.

Your not convince then go and vote on the current MSNBC poll because Bush sure could do with a little extra help as currently an impressive 86% are calling for his impeachment.

Wars cost money and it’s our taxes that are paying for it and I don’t know about you but I want to know why Oil and gas prices keep going up and I’m not buying the bit about Japan and India nor the line about wars push the price up because it wasn’t half the current price when we first invaded Iraq.

It’s not a conspiracy to say.

GW Bush has vast Oil links with the Saudi’s

Buildings don’t collapse as fast as a falling stone

Shares in the two Airlines involved had been shorted days earlier

Aviation fuel does not melt steel

Defence contractor shares had been selling well in prior few days to attack ?

Side blast can be seen coming out WTC 1 & 2

GW Bush has business links with the Bin-Laden’s

No steel structured building before 9-11 succumb to fire

Trade centre where sold 2 months before they fell down

Insurance cover on the building had been increase massively

No wing impact marks on the outside of the Pentagon

GW Bush’s brother had links to company providing security at the trade centre

These are all facts.


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