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Why Does This Graph Only Go To 2004?

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Not sure why but the house price to earnings ratio graph seems to stop at 2004. Does anyone know why?

I can't find any data at HBOS etc which goes beyond 2004. Can you?

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It's all to do with...

'Managing your bulls before slaughter':


What these studies helped confirm was that stress can have a negative effect on carcass weight, meat pH and meat colour, and can also increase bruising. Reducing stress helps ensure that the pH level in the meat remains low.

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Guest Fiddlesticks

There are up-to-date figures here


You can do your own graph in Excel.

The ratio has plateaued at a bit below six for the last two years, which doesn't help the case for a dramatic crash based on affordibility constraints. Some of the graphs on HPC have to be treated with caution - bear in mind that the site is more a campaign for social change than an accurate record of what's happening in the housing market.

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