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Iran - Whats Does It All Mean

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Iran has huge deals to sell gas and LNG to India and China.

It has no deals with Europe until 2010 when it will ship a paltry amount of LNG to Italy.

The UK - and the other allies need that LNG badly.

Iran will not even trade with the UK which is under an Iranian trade embargo.

The UK has biult 3 very large LNG terminals one of which - at the Isle of Grain - is finished but idle.

The LNG isnt there at the moment. Two more terminals will be finished by 2007.

The allies as Blair calls them will refer Iran ot the UN for sanctions.

The sanctions will attempt to force Iran to sell its LNG to the UK and the other allies at rock bottom prices.

Well below market values.

Iran may even be given surplus EU food in exchange for the LNG meaning we will get hte LNG for less

than nothing.

Iran will oppose this and try and honour its deals with India and China.

Its tankers will either be intercepted or simply a naval blockade by the allies will be put in place

preventing the LNG reaching India or China.

Under the new sanctions regime India and China will still get LNG but noly a fractoi nof what Iran had


The contracts with India and China will effectively be ripped up by the UN.



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Other factors may overtake these events. Israel is preparing to donate several thousand precision guided, mega bunker busting pieces of ordnance to Iran. Israel will not sit back and allow Iran to threaten them with total inhalation. Especially now they are developing the capacity to carry out the threat.

Not the time to be investing in real estate near any of the 45 or so sites connected with Iran’s nuclear program.

Pablo Silver or Lead?

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China, India and russians who are building the nuclear power station for Iran

This is a big risk but best to take it now as once Iran gets nukes it will be harder.

i think India will come on side and so will russia but china is the big one to win over.

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