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What Is A Regulated Tennacy?

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Regulated tenancies are quite a complex area, and certainly not something I am myself an expert on, as I have never had to deal with one.

Basically a regulated tenancy is a tenancy with a private landlord which began prior to 15th January 1989(although this is simplifying it slightly).

It is very difficult, as you rightly raise, to evict regulated tenants. Unlike with an AST, where after the fixed term you can evict for no reason, you must have good reason to evict a regulated tenant - such as, but not limited to, the landlord wishing to move into the property due to retirement. It is also possible to evict on discretionary grounds of the landlord wishing to move into the property, but this is not guaranteed by any means. The best way usually to get rid of a regulated tenant is to make a fairly generous financial offer to them to move out. However, we are not talking an insignificant sum at all.....regulated tenants have nearly always lived in their home for a long time, usually at least a decade by now, and an awful lot pay substantially below market rent also. So you would certainly at least be talking into 4 figures, and possibly closer to 5, if the tenant has any sense. So it is difficult to persuade a regulated tenant to move out.

Hope this helps.

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