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The people that will benefit most from a crash in property prices are the STRs rather than the FTBs. The first time buyers will find themselves priced out of the property market even if a significant property crash were to occur. Even if a property crash does occur house prices will still be expensive regardless of what happens. House prices were expensive even during the last property crash in the depths of the last recession of the early nineties.

The FTBs have virtually no chance of getting a foot onto the property ladder in their lifetimes and so should give up hoping that a property crash will enable them to get a foot onto the property ladder. Property will always remain expensive and out of reach to many people on a standard income irrespective of how severe the next property crash happens to be.

It is the STRs who will stand to benefit most from a property crash as they will have in many cases made enough money by selling their house to be able to buy a house outright in cash during a crash. This is why it is best that a property crash does not occur because every day that the property boom continues means that the STR is having to pay dead money in rent and other expenses associated with not owning their own home.

It is better for all concerned that house prices remain high for the foreseeable future in order that the STR suffer a just punishment for having sold their home at a ridiculously high price to some over-stretched and gullible FTB. The STRs will be the only winners in a property crash. The FTBs should forget about ever being able to buy a property of their own.

It is now a battle and test of wills between the home-owners and the STRs as to who wins and they are now locked in a deadly embrace. It is a deadly contest where the stakes are high in which there can only be one winner, the home-owner or the STR. It is better for all of us that the home-owners win by keeping house prices high because if the home-owners win then they would only have won a pyrrhic victory because of the "paper" profit increase in the value of their homes which is not real, whereas if the home-owners lose and the STRs are able to buy a property cheaply then the STRs would have won twice, once in selling their house and once in buying a house from some poor distressed home-owner who was forced to sell for a cheap price.

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Some people assume that a crash will somehow make property cheap but property in the UK has always been expensive, even during a slump. First time buyers have always had problems with getting a foot onto the property ladder because house prices have always been expensive.

A property crash will benefit the STR speculators far more than the FTBs. The FTBs should forget about getting onto the property ladder. Property in the UK has always been viewed as an investment and as such has tended to experience wild gyrations in prices due to the actions of speculators.

The FTBs should abandon all pretence about getting an affordable home in the UK because house prices have never been particularly cheap. The STRs are the ones that stand to gain the most from a property crash.

The STRS back-packers and World travellers are just greedy immoral speculators who sold their property for profit and took a year off to travel the World so that they could come back and hope that prices have crashed and made money from other people's misfortune.

The STRs are totally hypocritical in selling their house to some niave and gullible buyer for an extortionate price knowing full well that the property was over-priced and that the buyer was being ripped off and will end up in negative equity and as soon as the property is sold the STR have the nerve and cheek to then complain that house prices are far too high, which is a bit rich when they were quite happy, delighted and ecstatic at selling their house for a high price to some mug and make a handsome profit at someone elses expense.

The STRs complain about high house prices but that did not stop them from selling their house for a high price. The STRs are totally immoral and deceitful because they did not tell the buyer that the property was over-priced and expected that house prices will crash.

The STRs have two faces in that they whinge about high prices but if they were prepared to sell their house for a high price then the STR should be prepared to buy a house for a high price - that only makes sense - the STRs can't have it both ways. The STRs want to have their cake and eat it but they will have to eat humble pie and recognise that getting off the property ladder is very risky and has proved to be very expensive.

Many STRs thought that selling the house and living in rented accommodation will be easy and cheap but they are finding that the cost of renting is higher than their mortgage costs because interest rates are so very low. The STRs outgoings and living expenses have also increased considerably because they don't like staying in rented accommodation.

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