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Brown Severely Reprimanded By Eu

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"Chancellor Gordon Brown is set to be reprimanded by the European Commission for breaking targets on borrowing.

The UK has borrowed more than the EU's debt limit of 3% of national wealth for the second year running."

The results of the "economic miracle?"

Its foundation, HPI, does not have long to go before sound economics forces a correction. Will the EU have to intervene at No. 11?

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For once I'm on Crash Gordon's side. He should tell the Eurocrats to keep their bibs out of it. They're in no position to give anybody lectures about sound economics.

Neither frankly is Gordon Brown and yet he never tires of attending European summits and lecturing people on how to build a freemarket socialist economy, even as he wrecks the UK economy.

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I personally think he nedds a good throttling.

Hopefully he will be boxed in with blair obstructing his promotion to next doorat every step.

Personally think that man needs a few lessons in debt management preferably delivered to the side of his head with a baseball bat...............

Lets see how gloating he is to the british public and the imf now the whole crumbling economic miracle is teetering.

I think he will be gone far sooner than we all imagine.

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