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Procedure When Moving From Own House Into Rented Accomm

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As a 'newby' at renting, I was wondering whether anyone could clarify how, ideally, the transition from owner/occupier to renter should work.

If I was selling and buying somewhere else, the completions are arranged for the same day such that you cease ownership of one property, off the removal men toddle, you gain ownership of the new place, in come the removal men and you take up occupation of your new house (obviously simplifying here for ease !).

Is it possible to follow a similar procedure when moving into rented accommodation ? My main question here, I suppose, is how is it best/possible to pay your deposit and first month's rent (or, hopefully in my case, six month's up front) - can this be arranged by the solicitor to come out of the sale proceeds or do you really have to have enough money to cover this, so as to secure the tenancy before your sale completes, allowing you to move out of one, into the other on the same day - or is a gap of a few days unavoidable ?

As it is, my purchasers have said that I can stay in the house for a while after completion so this may not be so much of an issue. But, just in case this sale doesn't happen, or I decide to move out anyway, I would like to have a better idea of how the transition should go.

Grateful for any advice.


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To be honest, you can't really tie the two together, doesn't really work like that. However, it all depends on the landlord/agent. Basically discuss your needs with them, tell them the situation, and see if they are happy to accept any deposits etc on the day you move in. Most landlords generally wouldn't have a problem with this I don't think. But, the deposit etc is not really that much money, so I cant see too much of a problem drumming it together prior anyway(sorry this would obviously depend upon your personal circumstances).

Hope this helps.

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