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Gold And Currencies

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Looking at the different methods of buying gold, ie bullionvault, goldmoney, etc and was wondering how best to avoid damaging losses due to currency movements.

Do these sites work in £ or do they convert to $ for the purchase?

Is it better for us to buy gold in £ or $ or CAD?

In bullionvault, is the location of gold storage a factor in potential price movements, or is it purely a means to avoid government appropriation of the gold?

Given the fact the uk and us governments are pretty much joined at the hip, is it safe to assume that if one calls in all privately owned gold, the other will follow suite, inwhich case Zurich would be the safest place to place my gold?

Any other warnings, issues I should watch out for?

The free shaving of gold I got from goldbullion for signing seemed to mark the peak of the market last night.... hopefully not a harbinger of my future luck! lol

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