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New Contract .....dodgy Landlord

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Hi Folks i'm new here,

Bad news to start though. I have recently found a house to rent through a (so called) reputable letting agent payed the agency fee £117 etc lots of waiting .....credit checks etc passed them . I just moved in two weeks ago and the central heating is not functioning at all properly. I phoned the agent and they said that they were not responsible for managing the property and I had to contact the landlord directly (this was never mentioned until I had signed the contract, my fault for not asking I guess). Anyway contacted the landlord last week and he said he would get a plumber round.......nothing. Phoned him at work and his secretary said he was out and she would leave a message,never rang back (hmmmmm). Anyway still waiting, then today as I was leaving the house the next door neighbour was on the street and introduced himself and said jokingly "Has he fixed the heating yet!"jokingly (refering to the landlord) my heart sank as he went on to say the pipes need replacing downstairs and that each tenant over the last 3 years has moved straight out after the tenancy has expired (the last being a pregnant girl). Oh dear ! not what I wanted to hear. He went on to say what I tight guy he was and hated spending money on the place. Do I have any rights in terms of contract cancellation ? I notice that the deposit and first months rent cheques that I gave to the agent have not been put in yet, should I cancell them? My problem is also complicated by the fact my close friend is acting as guarantor! I don't want to land them in poo.

P.S The landlord originally wanted a 12 month minimum let but I would only accept 6, just as well.

The agent may be an innocent party in this who knows who cares ! I'm COLDDDDD

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I think you would struggle to justify "cancelling" the contract. However my suggestion would be as follows. Write to the landlord, telling him you expect the repairs done within 3 days. If not, get 3 different quotes, then use one, get the repairs done, and deduct the amount from your rent.

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Was the heating working when you did an inspection?

Be careful with cancelling the cheques, there was another discussion on another thread somewhere about this regarding post-dating of cheques for prepayment. Basically check your bank and see what conditions and penalities are for cancelling them.

As for the landlord, keep records of all phone calls. It may pay to actually send a recorded letter asking for timely repair of the heating system. Contact citizens advice bureau, they might be able to offer further information.

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