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The Housing Market - Predictions

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A few predictions (S Wales) - general price rises through to May - more mixed May-Sept - ongoing downturn Sept onwards. I may be proved wrong, but let's see

One concern - more and more people appear to be investing in housing no matter what the returns - "housing is always a good investment" - "it's my pension" - these people are really thick but they are helping to hold the market up at the moment (how the hell did they earn any money in the first place!)

BTW, Jan and Feb were always some of the busiest months for me as an EA - just spoken to 3 EA pals and they're reporting brisk business as per usual.

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I think spring will be level again, with some EAs ramping up prices, Quantities will be reduced, and this will cause things to shift downwards after spring....

Of course level is actually down if you compare it to incomes...

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