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Best Spread Betting Firm?

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I've been using Capital spreads they have low margin requirements and they have been quite nice about refunding me for 1 or 2 premature fills I had a year or two ago. not sure about others

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I'm with Capital also. Tight spreads and a pretty good team. Charts are pretty good too.

Yes I've noticed that for example on VOD, Finspreads were looking for a spread of 0.5 compared to just 0.25 on Capitalspreads.

I'm also a bit concerned that the Finspreads site seems to use alot of fancy java applets etc, which over the last few days ( unless it's just my browser ) seem to make the site a bit unreliable, capitalspreads is much simpler and cleaner, don't know about you guys but I just want a clean, neat screen where I can see the price board, not a bloody all singing and dancing web developers wet pant fest.

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