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The Moneymunchers

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Do any tenants here have a coin in the slot electricity meter in their house?

Crikey...didnt know they still existed, thought the industry was fed up of money going walkies

and had changed to the prepay card/stick method

If i did, I'd have it taken out pronto...(Which i did actually last year where I am now) I'm not paying the highest rates possible from the elec. board, an also paying additional surcharges for the privilege.

I'm glad the OFT has deemed this an unfair practice, you have the right to pick your supplier and payment method (if the supplier will give you a credit account...) rather than your landlord stipulating it.

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Electricity companies phased out coin in the slot meters over 15 years ago. They replaced them with electronic card or key meters.

Every coin in the slot electricity meter in use today is owned by a landlord. The meter measures in kWh but the coin tariff is settable by the landlord. There is some law limiting how much the landlord can charge for a kWh but this is rarely enforced. Tenants often end up paying 3 to 4 times as much as they would if they bought their electricity directly from a supplier. Hence the title Moneymunchers.

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I have a key meter and it's a PITA, and I'm sure I'm getting ripped off by being unable to switch suppliers. Can I get a normal meter installed without my landlord's say so? (He actually got the key meter installed before he moved abroad for some reason best beknown to himself :angry: ). Will it cost me?

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