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Because people are desperate not to miss the boat.

When I was looking about 4 years ago in S.E. London all we could afford were ex-council. There was no way i'd streach myself so one of those.

The problem with a lot of ex-council places in SE London is that they are still bang in the middle of council properties. Just because your getting a private property doesn't mean next door is.

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... There was no way i'd streach myself so one of those.

Not even on the (as Justin & Colin would say) GORGEOUS Rowner Estate:

BBC Inside Out at the Rowner in Gosport, Hampshire

"The lift has been out of action for a couple of years; your only way out is down... and up those endless stairs.

You pass faeces on the floor, broken windows and walls that let more air in than they keep out."

Nice. Here's a photo of a resident who finally managed to sell exercising his "right to BYE-EEE"


The program that featured poshboy Will Smith daring to spend a night on th estate was both hilarious and pitiful. It beggars belief that this estate was once thought desirable enough to buy flats on. Makes a mockery of all that "I've got the right to buy horseshit".

The cruelest irony is after fighting for the landlord to do it up, it looks as if the residents will be forced by the courts to pay the bill - a whopping £2m or £3000 per head! Some of th ecost is related to this:

"One serious problem is that there is asbestos in walkways and that will become subject to enforced regulations in May."

I bet the flats aren't even worth 3k! Check out the link above and remember what BBB was saying about property being not as risky as shares!

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