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Beware Read The Vi Housing Market Predictions

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HIT THIS LINK to find out what the papers and Vested Interests were saying at the peak of the last Housing Bubble and incidently all the way to the bottom of the cycle.


What it highlights for the new younger breed of Potential First Time Buyers is that it can cost you years of misery if you believe all the predictions pumped out by the VI's in the media. To keep themselves in a job they need mugs to buy into a correcting market, and hence the nearer the correction comes the more they spew out their predictions of rising house prices "tomorrow"

Evaluate the contracting economy, jobs being lost to India and China, rising energy costs, rising council tax. The black hole in the countries finiances, more taxation in the pipeline, falling value of the pound meaning higher costs for imported goods meaning rising living costs. Nigh on everybody hocked up to their eyeballs in debt, over 33% of EA near to failure, Redrow Homes today cites profits will contract in 2006. Rising inflation is is curbed by raising interest rates, what will that do to your mortgage repayments ? Oh I hear you say, yes but they reckon rates will come down, well if they do it's only because the economy is buggered, how can that be conducive to rising house prices? I could go on.

Does this sound like the foundations on which prices will rise from an historic peak to an even higher peak and go ever upwards ? If the majority of FTB'ers are already priced out of the market, and considering BTL at these prices does not add up, where the hell is this sustaind rise in prices going to come from?

Truth of the matter is they need mugs to buy this market so as to try and make this correction as less painfull for the economy and their own jobs as possible by it slowly deflating because of your cash input. Of course a slow deflating correction means your going to be in higher NEGATIVE EQUITY each year the correction unwinds. Stuck in a property even FTB'ers will not look at when the correction is over as they will be able to afford to live in a better house in a better area.


I reckon this link should be a sticky here on the main forum page as it provides historical evidence that the VI's will try and talk this market up all the way to the BOTTOM. And the FTB'ers need to be aware of that fact. I dare say the majority on here are blokes, ever know a bloke who read an assembly manual before he assembled the thing in question? Then why do you suppose for one minute they would read the FAQ section of this website? :rolleyes:

Anybody agree ?

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Guest Bart of Darkness

The Guardian currently has a very familiar looking article:


mortgage lending is picking up strongly, indicating the worst may be over for the housing market.

Compared to this from The Sunday Times in 1989:

BRITAIN'S depressed housing market could pick up much sooner than expected, according to a forecast to be published this week. The Morgan Grenfell bank believes the housing market has reached a point where recovery is in sight.

Stop the world, it's spinning too much!

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I think that we should sack all of the journalists and just re-run the same articles from the 1980's, I don't think anybody would notice the difference.

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The best counter to lame spin in the media is quick, informative, fact-laden emails to the relevant journalist.

To make these work, they have to be moderate in tone, quote complex facts correctly giving respected sources, and contain sentences or paragraphs ready to be lifted out and put into the paper or internet site unaltered.

Large companies have PR Agencies who sell this kind of "rapid rebuttal" as a service. Sadly we cannot do that but (as various posters have previously suggested) we can try on an individual basis ....


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