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When is the next media outing for HPC?

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Finally, I've managed to see the Kirsty video. It wasn't working with my Mac, but saw it on a PC.

It was so much fun to see one of the current plague of self-appointed money/property/lifestyle gurus shown to be a complete blubbering idiot. Obviously she's no more an authority on the property market than a McDonalds burger chef in on food science (unless, they're a food science Masters graduate, which could be the case these days).

But, anyway, have any lazy journos contacted the webmaster after the London Tonight episode? HPC-against-the-world is an easy slot for a magazine program or newspaper column.

From what Gavin said he might not be keen to get churned through the meedjuh machine again, so who are our next noble social-suicide bombers to be?

As Allslop desperately tried to home in on the STR+HPC=crash conspiracy, maybe a couple of wholesome FTBs could be next? Articulate, forlorn looking 20 and 30 somethings stuck in slummy shared housing or living with Mum vs. some z-list godess of greed (come out Ms Beeney, your time's up) would be TV too good to miss.

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