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Getting A Bit Heavy Handed

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Just had a quick peruse in the Trolls forum after Mr Caves latest post was moved. OK so some are obvious wind-ups but some of the stuff in there does point to relevant articles and viewpoints.

Frankly I find some of topics no less plausable than many "respected" posters on the main forum.

For example Mr Caves pointing out that interest rates are expected by many city analysts to go down. They are and probably will. The rush to the EA's by STR's is an obvious wind up but the idea that BTL's will be rushing to sell their investments next year is accepted despite the fact that interest rates are low and probably going to get lower and there are large volumes of renters priced out of housing!

Uber-bears have been proclaiming that this year it will crash for nearly two years and are applauded (by some)

The peoples revolutionary front are allowed pages of drivel.

There is unlikely to be a dramatic slide in prices until circa 2009. In the meantime there will be all sorts of opinions. Some may contraversial, others just wind ups. Possibly the best thing to do is debate with the logical and just ignore the stupid (there you go an easy target to get you started on)

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I haven't looked into the particular posts you refer to to, but if what you say is correct, then I generally agree.

Moving these posts to the troll sub-forum (which I think does serve a purpose) could be counter-productive in that it will just encourage these people to hijack legitimate threads.

If they are posting their own wind-up threads, that at least keeps them distracted.

Just a thought.


Edit - Typos and clarification

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