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Lets Have A Vote Shall We

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Points for the most complicated and one sided poll are yours & well deserved.

Could you please add the following option for the bulls?

:rolleyes: Property values will rise year on year because they have always done so in the past and Wrigglesworth says so they will rise and Kirsty says so too.

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Some of you lot really need to lighten up.

All this talk of economic catastrophe is turning you into miserable gits.

Your new years resolution - laugh more and have fun :lol::lol:

I know option 5 (currently in 2nd place) grates but hey, that's life

Oh for ****s sake, 'kids, SIPPS is dead, and we're in for the slide. There are far more important polls to be had: ;)

Tucking Traccy Bottoms Into White Socks


PS. according to the test on chavscum.co.uk, I'm only 38% chav, but I think that was because I once had a meal in the Little Chef. But also because I don't buy bling from Argos. I get my bling from Top Man! :P

EDIT - I had to delete some of your smiley emoticons, because the site wouldn't allow me to post.

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Guest Cletus VanDamme

yikes!! all this time i've been posting on the wrong forum!! - why didn't anyone tell me?? :blink:

and you teddyboy. c'med lar!!!! :lol:

When I go for walks and rambles in my boots and Barbour I always tuck my trousers into my walking socks. Does that make me a chav?

Someone said once that chavs and the upper class have a lot in common. Maybe they're right

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Admittedly I 'discovered' Scally Central last week, and it's honestly one of the funniest forum web sites I've ever read. A sure-fire 100% PSML job. :lol: But only have a read if you are 100% swearing-adverse and also if you don't mind the occasional chaps who prefer the company of other chaps posting. Oh yes, and obscenities. But it's funny all the same.

Grow up? Never. I'm Peter Pan. Have you read many of my posts? Christ, you gotta do the jokes man. Have you seen the price of houses? :blink:

Mr Terrace-Owner: "Yes, you can buy my house I bought in 2001, but I would like to have money for an Aston Martin on top of that, just for the last three years, thankyou." :lol:

Also I'm from a "broken" home: My Dad wants to buy a BTL. He's having trouble getting the mortgage. When I casually discover more about this I will post another thread. I'm hoping the title will be "The Mortgage Lender Saved My Dad From Being A BTL Landlord" but we'll see.

Dunroamin: How come you are an "HPC Heckler"? How can I get an award like this?

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Yes there will be large falls accross the UK and it will take at least 10 years for the average house price to reach 2004 levels but some people will weather the storm and property ownership will continue to be important in the UK comes in as the winner at 25%

Did the last crash take ten years ?

Did the crash before last take ten years ?

So what make you down beats think this one will take ten years to just get back to 2004 levels.

i think you should all rush out and buy as waiting ten years for one years dicount is stupid i thinks.

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Long winded maybe but complicated? If you need any help just ask.

One sided? You bears have 3 or 4 of the questions in your favour yet you still moan.

Backtoparents - I'm not going to add that as it's stupid and a lie.

You just cant take it can you


Umm your quoting TTRTR he is a landlord and the sites resident bull (dont mind that title do you ttrtr?) . I just thought i would let you know before you made yourself look stupid.

Stupid is as stupid types.

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