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Predictions For 2006 By John Simpson

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Posted my prediction, nothing we don't already know!

I believe that the buy now pay later Chickens of the public and government will come home to roost.

Consumer and government spending will slow/stop, causing job losses, causing higher unemployment, causing reposessions and eventually a <b>house price crash</b> and resession.

Before this happens, Gordan Brown will jump into Tony Blair's shoes as PM, just in time for a stool pigeon to step into the shoes of G.Brown's and take the blame for his miss-management of the public finances.

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I've posted:


We will see the fall-out of from the £1.13 trillion (1,130,000,000,000) of personal debt that Briton's have. A consequence of this will be a house price crash. This will not occur without a huge amount of spin from vested interests (EAs, Banks etc.) The Bank of England will also have to look into interest rate rises due to increasing inflation and pressure from US FED and ECB rate hikes.


Hmmm. We'll see.

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Have your posts been included on the site yet? Had a quick look and couldn't see them...

Please let us know as I would be very interested if the BBC lets anything through re a HPC. The comment on the site about EU funding and Mr Blair made me laugh. Was very surprised it was alllowed through!

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More have been added though no HPC mention yet...

Closest is the debt mountain:

2006 will be the year that personal debt makes many people realise that there is just no need to buy more and more stuff. That, and ecological concerns, will mean that at long last Sustainability will become cool. There might be a trend for hanging onto old cars/clothes/household equipment and economic consequences as we happily readjust!

Anne, London UK

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