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National Debtline

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Should set some phones up at the BOE, there's some members there that could help out and answer a few calls, after all there is no debt problem according to a lot of them and debts are nicely offset by assets.

+ a little bit about government dragging its heels over loan sharks.

Oh, debt now stands at £1.13T apparently. Still £130B isn't far out. :o


Debt dealers face crackdown

By Malcolm Moore, Economics Correspondent (Filed: 03/01/2006)

Unscrupulous lenders that offer high-interest loans to people who find it difficult to borrow money could soon be bound by tough new rules.


However, the Department of Trade and Industry, although initially receptive, is stalling over the proposals. The IPA met the DTI just after the pre-Budget report in December, and is now seeking another meeting with Gerry Sutcliffe, the consumer minister.


As Britain begins to struggle with its £1,000billion mountain of debt, the debt sector has flourished. Roughly 2m people a year are calling debt management companies.

Mr Newman said the public sector is unable to cope with the number of distressed borrowers. "The chief executive of the National Debtline told me he was swamped, and that they were only reaching a third of the calls before they rang out," said Mr Newman.

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they came into my workplace to give a seminar - some of the stats rolled out were quite quite shocking.

obviously I have to be careful about what I give out - at least when posting from work. I must try and fish out the handout so I can leak a little from home.

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I heard on the BBC radio news just before Xmas that many charities such as the Sumaritans were recruiting more staff to cope with the post Xmas debt stress.

They are expecting a bumper period apparently.

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The local freebie paper last week reported that the Kings Church have just raised £200,000 towards the £2million they are spending converting a warehouse into their new Church.

Attached to this was a throwaway comment:-

Their virtually unadvertised until then, debt counselling service has a 16 week waiting list (it "employs" two people full time from memory).

Typical local paper they can't see the story in the story.

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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Oooh, something to get excited about, two 3rd's of calls not answered........

But I'm sure in this day and age, the prople phone back and are answered eventually.

Ah statistics, don't you just love em!


Yes fascinating, I`ve pinned a thread all about them in the OTF

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