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HPC members contribute to Radio 5 phone-in

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Yeah, it's just an opportunity to watch Krusty get over emotional.

Just listened to the radio program (her voice is *really* irritating, at the end of every sentence her voice groans/croaks - a really weird attempt at trying to sound posh methinks!)

She kept saying how she had no VI in house prices but everytime a drop in prices was mentioned she went mad and said "lies lies!" - she didn't react in that way when talk of prices rising. That doesn't sound like someone who has no VI in the market!

My parents genuinely have no VI in the property market, they own outright and really couldn't care less about the value of their home - if anything they'd lean towards a drop.

For Allsopp to say she has no interest in property value is such BS and takes away credence for anything else she bleats on about.

Another gem - 'TV has no influence on the public's decision to buy' - yeah right! That's why companies pay mega money for 10 second advertising slots - having an *entire show* dedicated to force feeding the 'property game' *is* going to influence people! If she really believed that TV has no effect, why on earth does a little website bother her so much whenever it's mentioned? Surely a website can't carry more clout than a TV prog? Everything she says seems to be BS or a contradiction. How anyone can call her an 'expert' is beyond me!

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Listening to Radio 5 show now.

What a pathetic specimen she is. And the other one's no better. (It is not fact that house prices will only fall if unemployment rises or interest rates rise dramatically as far as I know)

First she says prices are not going to fall - her evidence is that estate agents, mortgage lenders etc all say prices are not going to fall (they know what they are talking about because they are in the property business), whereas economists who don't understand the housing market are the only ones predicting a fall.

Then she says "we're not estate agents so we have no interest in the market not falling". She is not a vested interest and therefore is not lying when she says prices are not going to fall (in fact if prices were to crash she would do more business as when prices were at the bottom more people would buy therefore mpore people wouuld use her!!!!)

I have never heard such clap-trap in my entire life.

Who was the STRer in Greenwich - what a legend!!! Get in there.

They are wrong on facts... bad advice (go to the NAEA and GO TO TRADING STANDARDS AS WELL! if the agents are BREAKING THE LAW - they said it was against NAEA rules... they are but they're only breaking the rules because the rules confirm the law).

She is worried about websites/ evil STRers talking down the market but doesn't worry abouut TV programmes fuelling the market!?!?!!?!

She claims credit for readers suggestions!!!!!

They laugh at the suggestion that prices are falling! (In the face a of statement from a property developer stating what he believes are facts in his area). Who do you trust?

Has she got a website? If so she's not good at getting high up search engines! Well done HPC for doing much better!!!!!

The one thing she is right about is that agents don't promote gazumping - we want our money quick, not an extra £50


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her voice is *really* irritating, at the end of every sentence her voice groans/croaks - a really weird attempt at trying to sound posh methinks!

When your pa's a titled aristocrat (and she's officially an "Honourable") and you went to Bedales instead of the local sink comp, you don't really need to make any "attempt at trying to sound posh".........The lubberly Kirst sounds posh cos she IS posh.....


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Guest Baffled_by_it_all

She's built a career out of the rising property market. The very nature of Location, Location involves people climbing the property ladder. I can't imagine CH4 commissioning many series from her independent production company if the market it on the slide.

'Tonight Kirstie and Phil meet a couple desperate not to sell their car to pay their mortage and meet a man who's been offered 30k less than his asking price but has to take it.'

If people are struggling now how can the market sustain rises of 50%. Who can get a mortage for that? Daft cow.

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Does Posh = Stupid ?


Is that a mere coincidence?

Quite often posh = overconfident.

"I am better than others" / "It won't go wrong for ME" / " Why should I listen to XYZ, because I'm more clever than them"

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