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Summer Holidays ?

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We thought we'd have a look at what was on offer at the local first choice.

Last year we waited an hour to speak to an travel agent, this year we walked in and were seen instantly, I wonder how many people feel confident enough to book their jolly's.

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Yep, booked mine online.

3 hols:

Luxury Spa in Madeira - spoil the wife (March)

4 bed house in LLeyn Peninsula - 2 week beach holiday for the kids (June)

Villa in Majorca - walking for me and the wife whilst grandparents look after kids (Sept).

Deposits paid and the remainder already allocated to a savings pot earning meagre interest.

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Guest growl

We don't go anywhere in the summer. I don't really like hot climes, and since I love living where I am in the south of England the weather is nice enough for me and there are plenty of places to visit and activities to do.

However hubby and I do like to ski. We've been in Switzerland the last two weeks. The first week was a place called Champousine near Monthey. Lets just say that at the top of a mountain, and needing a car to get out and shop, I found the resort a bit basic and remote. It did have onsite ski-ing though, but they had replaced red runs with blue on their map and you only realised when you got to the top that the blue runs did not even exist. Dangerous in my opinion.

The second week we been here in Haute Nendaz. Much better for facilities, its really a little town, and there is lots to do apart from ski-ing. Also they have a Migros which from various shopping excursions seems to be the best value for groceries.

So we've had so much fun that we are going to try and book early January for this place again next Christmas.

As for the summer I'll stay in England, in my garden with shades, sunhat and factor 30 all over, especially if we see temperatures like the summer and early autumn just gone. B)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that we have a time share and exchange it usng RCI. So the only time I go into travel agents is to sneakily browse their holiday resort books.

So after exchanging our fee which includes yearly maitenance of our resort, the holiday won't cost us much more than £500. However we do need to book our own flights...but these days they are cheap anyhow.

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