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It's Not Accurate From An Individual's Perspective.

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Your premise is that house pries are strongly correlated with single persons income. She is stating there is no statistical basis for assuming such a correlation is strong.

That is not my premise. As you and I have pointed out many other things affect prices.

I'm more interested in her position to not 'use' this data. Such a vague tweet makes it hard to know what she means, but it sounds like she doesn't care if single people can't afford a home. That's for starters.

Like I said - ideology.

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It's an infuriatingly vague comment.

It's Twitter... everything is vague.

To reject the graphs use is to reject the importance of a single persons income versus house prices.

That feels like an ideological position that says it's fine for mortgages to require two salaries, for single people to be priced out, for regular handouts from parents and grandparents to become the norm, and for credit taps to be opened ever wider.

That's not a world I want to live in.

You've been living in it for about 15 years. Single incomes as a ceiling for house prices died in the 90s. I don't like it but that's the way it is.

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