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For Those Overseas, Does Your Employer Provide Health Insurance?

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I lived all over New England the last 8 years. Companies have to provide health insurance. Its often been 20/80 ie I pay 20% of the premium.

So for single person you end up paying something like $75 a week pre tax, for a couple its like $150 then $350 for a family. Taxes are lower over here than the uk so evens out

Ive also been on Medicaid which is like "free" healthcare for the low income, family income below $30k, which was like the NHS.

When I was temping for a while I signed up for obamacare, fantastic experience, basically you get a subsidized insurance premium depending upon your income.

On a side note my friend is a dentist and see patients who have MASSHealth which is again like the NHS. Patients get free dental treatments.

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Its illegal to withhold coverage these days.

TBH the American system has winners and loser, you hear the horror storied about families losing everything to paid medical bills. My big issue is the fees hospitals charge for services and tests. Blood test/ allergy test etc. I wish they would be transparent about the cost but its so complicated to figure out what the patient should pay.

The doctors are worried about being sued all the time and want to test for everything and because the patient doesn't have the cost right infront of them or don't care because their insurance is paying for it they go along with the testing.

I went to see my gp for an ear infection, and the over testing ended up costing me a extra $150 plus they wanted me to take a fancy medication costing a ton of money. Even the doctor agreed the regular $5 antibiotics work just as good.

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