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Military Coup In Turkey

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Turkey has form when it comes coups...it doesn't really surprise me

It's been a while though. I hope they keep true to form and don't head off on an autocratic tangent as Fiji did following iso most recent coup.

Great for watercooler conversation, shame it's a weekend.

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(1) This is why Turkey cannot join the EU Mr. Obama.

(2) A senior professor (now late) at a prestigious turkish uni once told me (paraphrased): "It's it either the military, or the bearded guys. Make your choice."

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Guy at my work, daughter priced out of the UK so what did she do...bought an apartment in Turkey, Convinced that it was going to make so much money that she would be able to sell up and live the high life.....

When I pointed out it seemed a bit risky I was, of course, dismissed as lacking vision.

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The sooner Article 50 is triggered and Brexit actually happens the better.

May should get a move on.

That ain't happening until May's big boss gives a nod -

Theresa May suggests Brexit delay as she says no Article 50 until Scotland gives go-ahead.


Wow, Nicola Sturgeon must be feeling so powerful.

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