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Lets Go And Colonise A Country

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Our forefathers did just this, they werent happy in the uk for diffrent reasons throughout the centuries.So off they went by ship or plane and colonised another country.

Look around the world today.

australia,new zealand, canada, south africa, the carribean, burma, argintina all over the world the british colonised nations leaving the mother land behind.

What would an up in coming eastern european country say to say 3 million educated wealthy(compared to them) brits all coming to join there country.Infact as often half there country is in the uk anyway and we also within europe have the right to move freely, we could all deciede on 1 specific country and go colonise it.

how about estonia or lithuania?. or a region of poland?.

lets face it there aint much left here for the under 40s, and realy never was anything for the under 40s in the first place, all we have to look forward to are high taxes and rent.

if we go first the rest will come.

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Guest Bart of Darkness

Back to the golden age of muttonchop whiskers and corsets (and that was just the women).

Trouble is that the natives, formerly a pushover, are now fairly well armed (we know this because we armed 'em).

I think they would take it about as well as we would.

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reverse immigration probably isn't such a bad idea,but at least make it somewhere warm like an island off the coast of thailand!!!

A better idea would be export our Chavs. Kalingrad needs a population boost. They could work in the Amber mines.

well I suppose we can save ourselves from becoming the pit ponies of the banks by not getting into debt.

who knows in a really orwellian world if they pulled the plug on lending altogether and asked everyone for IMMEDIATE settlement of debt,slavery would seem like quite a comfy option for those who couldn't pay up.....remember the bank has 10 times the amount of asset than it does liability(fractional reserve and all that jazz!!)

how about estonia or lithuania?. or a region of poland?.

would be slightly concerned by being sandwiched between two imperialistic socialist totalitarian-at-heart states personally.

how about cuba?

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