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I'm Off Travelling

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I've decided to take the modest pot of money I've saved as a potential deposit and spend a year travelling with it.

I don't have any hard-and-fast plans, but the idea is to fly out to India or Thailand, explore Asia and come back overland on the Trans-Mongolian railway.

So, the countries I'm thinking of visiting are, in no particular order, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Mongolia, Russia.

As I say, I don't have a definite plan or route, so I may end up heading for the 'Stan's (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc), or even Pakistan, Iran and Afganistan. I'd also be tempted to head further east and go to the Philippines and/or Indonesia.

So the question is, does anyone have any ideas of places to visit well off the beaten track? I will be visiting the usual attractions, Taj Mahal, Ankor Wat, Great Wall, etc, but I'm also interested in finding some interesting lesser-known places.

Any ideas? Anything that you think I MUST see? Anywhere that I should make a point of avoiding? Any amazing events? Anywhere that you've been and loved for no particular reason?

So, please cast your minds back to sunnier climes and give me some ideas.

BTW, if the season makes a difference, I'm leaving in about a fortnight. Probably India first for climate reasons, unless you have any better ideas.

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