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Pro-Eu Labour And Tory Mps Look At Forming A New Centrist Party


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I wish that were so, but don't hold your breath. Those 17M people are not going to vote for Corbyn whatever happens. They may go to any of the others parties BUT NOT THE TORIES but FPTP ensures that the single party that has its act together the most wins.

I don't think this would be a good result for the country at all, but it's what's going to happen unless Labour magically finds a serious leader from somewhere and gets rid of Corbyn.

Fixed that .......The Labour heartlands will only go one way they have no other choice

The vote in these parts equates to more of a tribal/inherited expectation rather than and informed decision based on policy , thats why its taken the best part of two decades to realise they have been lead down the garden path ...but they will never switch allegiance to team blue

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