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You Know.......

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"Another option is to consolidate the borrowings you have and reduce your monthly outgoings in the process.

The negative effect that this will have is that you will take longer to pay off your debts and you will pay far more in interest, but the positive effect is that you can maintain your normal standard of living.

Debt consolidation can be achieved in two main ways: through personal loans or through remortgaging."

Thanks man....lets take on more debt or secure it on the house - you see the good times go on forever....


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So you're telling me...

By getting to the shops and waiting at 10am for the 10:30 sales, fighting through queues to get to the bargains, and then fighting to queue to pay....

I buy a plasma TV 1/2 price (last one remaining) reduced from £2000 to £1000......

I pay by borrowing the money - with interest the "actual" amount I pay is £2000 anyway doh!!!!

And by the time i pay it off Plasma TVs will be £200 in Asdas by then anyway.....


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3??*Dturn your songbooks to page 15. and one two and three.....

"In the bleak midwinter, bargain goods made moan,

prices fell like iron, lending fell like stone;

prices had fallen, low on low, low on low on low,

Since the peak last winter, so long ago..."

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