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****** Xmas It's Shit

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Would it make you better if I said.....

Have a great "Natalis Solis Invicti" and we remember the birth of the Unconquered Sun?

Still got a enough socks to last me a bloody lifetime though! :lol:

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Its a p*ss up and break from work, plus you get to laugh at all the people who build loads of stress into it... oh we've got to visit blah at 8am, bleh at 11 pm, blah's nephew at 4pm , bleh's dogs cousin at 11pm. Then they get to moan and b*tch about how stressful it all is. ... We have to cook dinner for 20 people...

Guess what .... you dont YOU bring it upon yourselves! :lol: Every year it makes me smile when parents have to get 300 presents for thier 2 year old then unwrap them all for him/her while everyone else watches.. oh look how happy he/she is...f*ck right off thier playing with the wrapping paper and YOUR playing with the toys, now look your 2 year old is eating the wrapping paper yes yes isnt it cute. Quckly shove some chocolate in its face instead.

You get to put up with everyon farting where the veg they have eaten has gone right through them, everyone giggling about it and saying it must be something they've eaten (well ******in ey aint ya smart). Someone always has to pipe up and say something along the lines of "but lets take a moment to think of the unfortunates". Someone will spill a beer or wine to which the host will say it doesnt matter then the following day curse the person who spilt it with a "i knew someone would spill something, what did i tell you, i knew it"

Next we have to put up with peoples inbuilt comments, firsty its the "i wish it could be a longer time off" but then when you get back to work you will undoubtly hear the immortal words "did you have a nice xmas?" to which you can only really answer in a positive way cause if you say no then they will ask "oh why not" and you'll tell them to which they will think "so what do you want me to do about it". Remember they dont actually give a damn if you had a nice xmas or not they are just making small talk.

Someone will have to crack the joke of "its good to be back" to which everyone will giggle and come out with stuff like "oh speak for yourself ha ha ha".

We have to put up with all the new years resolutions, god i f*ckin hate new years resolutions nuff said on that. Everyone will be going on a diet because "they put on a few pounds over xmas" which if they had a sensible lifestyle thoughout the year it wouldnt make a blind bit of difference, but they think that just cause its xmas people automatically get fatter. Gym memberships and "im never drinking again"

really though im just bitter cause the stock market it closed. I actually like xmas really , not because its all religious and special cause quite frankly its not these days, i like it because its time off work that your friends tend to have off aswell and it is customary to drink yourself into oblivion. THAT is what christmas means to me.

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