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I try not to block people whose opinions I disagree with. However there are two users whom I have blocked only because of the predictability and long-windedness of their comments. These can be especially annoying when accessing HPC on a phone.

Anyway, There is a bug. Sometimes in a thread a black bar appears near the bottom which says something like "there are new replies, click here to see them". This does not honour the user blocking list and will show you all replies regardless of whether or not made by a blocked user.

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Presumably some of the functions go beyond settings that can be adjusted locally, and are with the board provider. 

That bug doesn't seem like anything much to whine about anyway, apart from opportunity to make a scene (imo) about how great one is, and how others less so.

On predictability of comments, I too have taken to blocking posters who grab every opportunity to claim buyers are all innocents and make posts on HPC forum about 'the pain' of a possible HPC.   

How newlyweds have genuine need to buy for homeownership at any price.   

Who hark back to their schooldays and how even bully children are all innocents within (apparently)- as though that has any connection whatsoever to adults buying houses, and anything to do with circumstances should prices fall.   

Conveniently overlooking all GenRent newlyweds and so many older couples still renting - priced out.   A picture created that people who buy homes must be all young newlyweds, and all buyers/people are not full adults but children mind-state of innocence. :rolleyes:

Matter of fact and degree with buyers...




We have a one bed flat in London, it was on at 350K to begin with as advised by agents - I thought this was a bit overpriced, probably 330K was more realistic. We dropped to 325K after two weeks as didn't get one phone call, we then got about five viewings in one weekend but no offers then no interest for a further few weeks, finally after two months we got an offer at 310K and we accepted as we had found a house we liked.

Our buyers (who were investors and cash buyers) pulled out a day before exchange because they found 'something more suited' (complete wankers). 

....We are desperate to keep the house we've found, they don't know our sale has fallen through yet, which is why I'm so impatient to find a buyer asap.

We are in a fine mess! Any advice appreciated.



I know rest of UK is cheaper than London, but it's all relative - we are selling a 1 bed for 305K, the house we are trying to buy is a VERY average 3 bed semi (tiny kitchen, tiny 3rd bedroom) for 700K. 


^ How can this be 'so sad' ?   They want to upsize.  Therefore they have good incomes/money.  Yet just one read of first post brings out the victim-squad.


That's so sad. Irrespective of whether you're an idiot or not (let's not start  They Made Their Free Choices. ) It's truly awful when you are stuck marooned in a place you don't want to be. 

Who are even minded to launch in with "victimhood" from an opening post on other forums, with landlords who are in position to buy another home, but are simply moaning about the extra SDLT to do so - (the greatest of innocents and maximum sadness.)   At least the readers of other forums can see-through the OP's position, vs the 'sympathy/victim' quest that some 'HPCers' seem intent on pursuing for all owners, to fear/stop/guilt about any possible future HPC (years of that vs HPI++++++).



OP you're not an ''accidental'' landlord at all, you're a landlord of your of your own free choice.

You're already apparently in a position to buy a second property without having to sell your existing property and yet still you're whinging and whining about how ''unfair'' it is and how you're being ''penalised'' for not being able to hoard houses.



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On 24/06/2016 at 22:57, spunko2010 said:

Please add a blocklist so that the user's posts are hidden once logged in. The insufferable spewing of the handful of scotch Remainiacs on here is offputting.

Don't you have access to some old ALT-RIGHT website? I do hope that the technology there is a bit more supportive. Was truly splendid talking to you old chap. Do drop by in another hundred or so years. Bye-ee :P

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