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I'm sure the majority of MPs agree - but it would likely be a pitchforks and flaming torches moment.

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"We can stop this madness and bring this nightmare to an end through a vote in Parliament. Our sovereign Parliament needs to now vote on whether we should exit the EU.

So it's all been a total waste of time and of taxpayers' money. The whole thing has just been another of those political blags - they might as well not have bothered with all the promises about holding an eu referendum over the years and decades.

Why waste Parliament's time - just invoke the Generals and they'll get the tanks on the streets.

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The approximate Betfair odds for the Conservative leadership front runners are

Johnson (Brexit) 2.2

May 4.4

Leadsom (Brexit) 14

Crabb 19

Fox (Brexit) 23

Gove (Brexit) 28

Raab (Brexit) 34

Osborne 50

and as he's often mentioned on HPC as a good choice for Prime Minister and Brexit

Davis (Brexit) 75.

Of course after the example of Corbyn's change of mind from years of Brexit to Bremain (for the referendum) maybe none of their positions are actually that set in stone.

So there's plenty of Brexiters in contention so there's a very good chance that a Brexiter will be the next Conservative leader/Prime Minister - but considering the support for the current eu within the Conservative party it's by no means certain.

It depends on how much the Conservative MPs truly support democracy and the people's vote.

It's quite possible that a Bremainer will win - just to confuse the current situation even more.

So Britain could be in the position of negotiating a Brexit and yet be led by someone who isn't at all motivated to Brexit - not an ideal scenario for a beneficial negotiation. Under the circumstances one has to ask why would a Bremainer want to be in charge except perhaps to renege on/delay the referendum outcome.

One thing seems for sure those who implemented the stealth transfer of sovereignty some decades ago without admitting the fact of the transfer and without putting it to the people for a vote at that time have a lot to answer for. Also those who continued with the deception and even accelerated it to arrive at the situation Britain is in now.

A Bremainer as Prime Minister in charge of overtly and proven (majority referendum vote) Brexit Britain would seem to be a scenario ridden with problems and difficulties for Britain.

Imagine a Bremain Prime Minister not wanting to Brexit so maybe calling an early general election (justified as emergency? - they might get enough MPs - two thirds - to support the idea of an early general election) with a manifesto of staying in the eu - and winning then cancelling the Brexit. Absolute turmoil.

Of course then they would have to suffer the consequences at the next general election in 2020 (with a mid term general election apparently the original fixed term date is still maintained according to the radio this afternoon) - and a week is a long time in politics.




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From that it seems that Britain is in a bit of a double bind/stalemate depending on whether a British Prime Minister can act by himself/herself to implement Article 50 or whether it would require a parliamentary majority.

In the meantime Britain would appear to be stuck with eu law/rules on all issues. The people running Britain seem to have put the country into a real ball and chain position

Britain might be stuck with it for good unless the Prime Minister decides to use his/her authority to act unilaterally to withdraw.

A bit like Rhodesia under Smith and that Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965.

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