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What does everyone make of these articles?

Builders lead FTSE fightback two days falls developers bankers snap cheap shares

The Mail revealed how on Friday and Monday bosses of some firms were already buying stock. Yesterday, even more used their own money to back the sector.

Berkeley Group founder and chairman Tony Pidgley, who is known for his ability to pick the top and bottom of housing markets, snapped up £795,534 of shares in his company.

He bought the 35,061 shares for 2269p each. The stock closed at 2375p last night – resulting in an instant paper profit of more than £37,000.


Housing bosses snapping shares companies amid rout sector Brexit vote

Directors have used the sharp fall in share prices as an opportunity to pick up stock on the cheap in a vote of confidence in the sector.

But with values still falling they are already sitting on paper losses.

Former Bank of England official Dame Kate Barker, 59, an independent non-executive director at Taylor Wimpey, yesterday bought 20,000 shares in the company for £26,953.44.

But Taylor Wimpey shares closed down nearly 15 per cent or 20.3p at 115.8p – making those shares worth £23,160 and leaving Barker with a paper loss of nearly £3,800.

Fellow Taylor Wimpey director Baroness Ford and her husband David Bolger bought just over £40,000 of shares in the company on Friday. But they were worth less than £32,000 last night.

They also bought £44,000 shares in landlord Grainger, where Ford is chairman, but they are now worth under £40,000 with Grainger shares down another 8 per cent or 16.9p to 193.1p yesterday.

Grainger chief executive Helen Gordon spent £38,124 on shares on Friday but they are now worth £34,758. Glyn Barker, a non-executive director at London housebuilder Berkeley Group, snapped up £52,060 of stock in the company on Friday but has seen their value fall to £46,820.

Savills director Rupert Robson has seen the value of the shares he bought in his company at the end of last week fall from £49,729.61 to £46,449.42.

Do you think they know something is coming (HTB4 maybe?) to help share prices rise for a quick profit or are they trying to shore up their companies and hold these shares for a longer period?


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Volatility is usually a long term buying opp. Media "explanations" are irrelevant narrative.

40% mark downs were a gift.

Personally I am now waiting for a much deeper correction overall to load up over coming months. Im sceptical Friday was it & in any event spreads were too wide & liquidity too low.

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