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Brexit What Happens Next Thread ---multiple merged threads.

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2 minutes ago, PeanutButter said:

We can come back to this conversation in 5 years.

I’m a socialist and I vote left but I’m also a realist and Brexit/Trump taught me to listen to people outside my bubble. This swing to Conservative was easy to see if you just paid enough attention. 

It’s regrettable but until Labour present a better, stronger option it’ll stay this way. 

New Labour 2.0

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21 minutes ago, dances with sheeple said:

That is because it wasn`t Brexit, I am still hoping we can get a proper Brexit and total re-set of the relationship with the EU.

You won't get that if the exit poll is anything like right.

Boris is now free to ignore the ERG/BP and sign off on a BRINO and move on from Brexit ASAP certainly before the next election.  

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5 minutes ago, Chunketh said:

What if you cant? Are you so sure you wont get some horrible crippling illness?

I want the country collectively to raise its game. Then we can afford all of the very best social policies.

But if society has an expectation of reward without hard work; then no; taxing the feck out of the few is not the right approach.

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