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Brexit What Happens Next Thread ---multiple merged threads.

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7 minutes ago, grasshopper said:

The Observer this Sunday ran some interesting commentary on the case. It read like we were being prepared  for a controversial ruling. We will see shortly.

Any finding will be controversial.

I think...justiciable, lawful, but with attached new legal guidelines or review.

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I do.   https://twitter.com/housepricemania

1409 pages....you guys should have your own forum !!!

Oh OK. Shame that really, but hey it looks like @IMHAL helped us both out. Nice repost though, thanks ! Any thoughts ?  

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1 hour ago, crouch said:

Yes - you can't. You can't answer quite basic questions.

The departments handling trade negotiations would probably have not only a plan but would also do forecasts of the impact of individual trade agreements which would have a far higher degree of accuracy than your conception of the "Grand Forecast" which is quite pointless.

This was done, its discussed upthread, and showed that the scope for new trade agreements came nowhere near offsetting the loss of membership of the SM.

IIRC, even assuming the most optimistic outcome, the new trade deals with the US etc would add less than 1% to GDP over 15years. Barely making a dent on the losses arising from leaving the EU/SM. 


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48 minutes ago, crouch said:

You admit you don't know if there is a plan; I don't know if there is a plan or even whether one is necessary in the terms that you appear to conceive.

And yet your view, for which you have no evidence is not a unicorn; whereas mine - and I don't know either - is a unicorn. You use unicorn as a term of abuse and yet your views are of no better status and are equally questionable.

The overwhelming difficulty you have is that you wan't to say that Brexit will make us all poorer and you can't - you have just as much evidence that it will make us poorer as I have that it will make us better off.

No...you admit you don't know that there is a pan. I asked you for the plan. So there is no point in implying that there is since there does not appear to be one. You asked me to define credible and I said that it would be subject to scrutiny. So far, no plan in sight, no scrutiny, therefore no credibility. 

It is my understanding that the Leave camp have control of the reigns, they are the ones 'making our new future', it is up to them to produce that plan. We can then decide if that plan will indeed make us poorer or richer. That's how the world works.

You  obviously have problems with terms such as responsibility, transparency and accountability.  


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