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Brexit What Happens Next Thread ---multiple merged threads.

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Absolutely. But quite what the EU has to do with our hopeless housing and banking policies I don't know.

Our politicians have allowed the EU to be a lightening rod for peoples' anger, because it takes the heat off them.


Do you not believe that more people - many of whom whose rent we pay for - will not cause a shortage? We could have built more homes but the Nimbies didn't like it.

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I do.   https://twitter.com/housepricemania

1409 pages....you guys should have your own forum !!!

Oh OK. Shame that really, but hey it looks like @IMHAL helped us both out. Nice repost though, thanks ! Any thoughts ?  

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I assume the Germans are now looking at being on the hook for an extra 15bn euro a year for the EU to dole out as it sees most politically expedient?

That'll go down well for 'we can do it' Merkel and her blundering regime, that contributed so well to the Brexit campaign.

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"Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament, said he would speak to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, “on how we can avoid a chain reaction” of other EU states following Britain’s lead."

The dog goes running to its mistress, and an example of who really runs the EU.


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Who cares. When the top 1% has all its fingers in all the pies, the plebs have nothing to lose.

We told them get stuffed.

The lion roared.

Maybe. In fact probably why the referendum was held so they could gauge how hated they are and whether it's time to let go of a few more percent of their wealth. 99 down to maybe 97.9.

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As others have said, I suspect Brexit will be the first of several departures from the EU. The EU may try to make our exit as difficult as possible to deter other countries from following us.

Scotland will have a referendum and leave the union.

worst case scenario: Putin uses the confusion to expand westwards into the Baltic states.

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it is also about Sovereignty, Democracy and freedom. UK could be a real leader in the next couple of decades. Interest Rates will have to rise. Think of the Children.

About that democracy… you mean Gove et al are going to start campaigning for an elected head of state and second chamber?

Nah thought not…

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With the pound falling so much, more services, companies, land and houses sold off to the Chinese, Russians, Saudi Arabians and anyone who has enough foreign reserves to launder through the city of London.

On a positive side, I hope with less subsidies on farm land that prices come down and I'll have a bit of that.

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Foreigners take advantage of our weak pound and pile into UK property? We've seen this before, plus there's a well established pipeline to offload UK property abroad. I hope this dosent happen..

No No No. This is totally wrong. Foreign nationals buying UK property are NOT not given residence rights. Now this will be enforced for EU nationals also. So they would ONLY buy as investment but the rents are in £ so why would they unless capital appreciation but there will be a massive decrease in demand now

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UK divorce will be punitive affair.

Indeed. Whisper it quietly but the polls indicate the EU may be even less popular in France at the moment than in the UKUsually the best strategy is to invest in the most profitable and best run companies in the worst performing market sectors. You get the dividend even if the share price crash and sooner or later that feed back into the share valuation.

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From a FB poster:

'We came out of two world wars and rebuilt ourselves people need to give themselves a shake we will come out of this.'

Poster is on benefits. The only person working in his family is in a made public sector job.

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