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Dire Predictions Bingo

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Now we are all absolutely certain Britain is Leaving/Staying in the EU, it's time for us to play a little game called "Dire predictions bingo".

We first list all the Dire Predictionsmade during the Brexit campaign. I'll turn them into some bingo cards and post them here and on Twitter. Pick a card, then the first to get three in a row wins.

  • House prices go up
  • House prices crash
  • Boris Johnson as Prime minster
  • Nigel Farage as Prime minster
  • Neoliberal paradise
  • WW3
  • Immigrant flood
  • Turkey joins EU
  • £3 tax on the price of 20 cigarettes
  • Recession
  • Pound drops
  • Euro drops
  • Negative intrest rates
  • City of London ostracized
Post your own (with sources if appropriate) below...

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As a brexiter I say `I have nothing to offer you but blood , toil , sweat and tears`.....and I believe that.

On the other hand the EU is in deep shite. Look at France and especially Italy. Italy is due to explode over the next few months. Look at Germany....gdp at 1.2% but population rising by 1.2% and then add the German banks. Where ever you look there`s stress.

It`s a cluster .....

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not sure I get this...

What's not to get?
For months we've been inundated with scary predictions from both camps, and now we need a bit of gamification so we don't all get bored waiting for Armageddon.

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Just received this from my MP. No wonder I'm confused.

Edit to say: I cant vote for someone who get's his apostrophe's in the wrong place's. ?

Dear Mrs Brodie,


Tomorrow, you will be asked to take part in one of the most important decisions in our history should we remain a member of the European Union or should we leave the European Union?

Ahead of tomorrows vote, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one key message that you may wish to consider, should you remain undecided on this crucial vote.

Many people believe that the UK must take steps to deal with one of the most important issues of our generation control of our borders. Presently, we have a net figure of 330,000 people a year coming into our country a similar number to the population of Southampton. Half of those people are from the EU and we have no control at all over whether they can live here. We are not even allowed to ask whether they have a criminal record!

Labour, like the Conservatives, are divided. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, accepts that the number of EU migrants should not be controlled; many Labour MPs disagree. The Prime Minister wants to cut migration but he believes that staying in the EU is more important. I, and many others, believe that our economy cannot and will not thrive unless we are able to decide who lives in the UK. How can we provide housing, health-care and schools for an uncontrollable number of residents?

It is not racist or xenophobic to want control over our own borders. Many migrants contribute greatly and some public services would fall apart without them. We should welcome economic migrants who will make a positive contribution to society and reject those who will not, wherever they come from in the world - but these decisions should be made in Britain, not Brussels.

One thing is certain. The status quo is not on offer. If we vote to Remain, laws and directives that have been held back pending the referendum result, such as an EU army, harmonisation of tax and welfare and budget increases will start to be implemented. I accept that there are arguments on both sides and for many this is a difficult decision, but I believe it is safer to take back control and for us to be an independent nation once again. If you agree I hope that you will vote Leave tomorrow.

Best regards,

Andrew Turner

Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight

Copyright Andrew Turner MP

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No one from the UK ever wins euromillions lottery again.

Actually, will we still be able to play? Why has this not been discussed?

course we can play...I bought chinese stuff only last week.

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