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No Muggy Bear

You Are Cordially Invited To A Virtual Engagement Party

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to all the readers of HPC,

I invite you to a virtual celebration of No Muggy Bear and 2BitMillionare's engagement party.

To be held from 7pm onwards.

Please feel free to get off your rocker, eat Indain food or whatever binge food you choose and dance around with your pants on your head.

Thank you for your attendance in advance and here is to wishing you all a very merry Christmas.



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I only got her half a carrot from london , we went down , got back today , most expensive carrots i ever come across , up hear you can get a whole bag for less than a pony , couple of tortoises will get you ten bags , but down there they aint cheep , but i payed for it cash , been hiding it under my matress , and they rang the police to check i was not a bank robba or sumfin.. but anyway got it nah and im appy and she is too so its great ... evry body i met new ronny Kray , and evry body was related to him in some way , London is a experiance , if you aint been , just go , but watch ronny dont nail your head to the floor or sumfin :ph34r:

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well bugger me!!!! :P

nice one guys!!!! dead dead pleased for ya both :)

hope this means u ain't gonna bin off the next glasto meet being an old married couple an all??? :blink:

loads of chrimble love

dun xxxxxxxx

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