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Reports Of Shooting, Hostage Situation At Walmart In Amarillo, Texas - Police

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Not much in the way of details but from the mail link

The suspect was identified as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, Amarillo police said, adding he was shot by a police SWAT unit.

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Lt. Erick Bohannon with Special Crimes identified the suspect as 54-year-old Mohammad Moghaddam, a Walmart employee who became upset after not being offered a promotion. Bohannon cited the dispute between Mohammad Moghaddam and the manager as a possible motive for Tuesday's situation.
Officials believe Mohammad Moghaddam barricaded himself, the manager, and another unidentified employee inside of a Walmart office space. The two hostages were not injured during the ordeal.

Mohammad? Mohammad? Where have I heard that name before? :rolleyes:

Source :- http://www.newschannel10.com/story/32218405/police-situation-at-amarillo-walmart-on-canyon-drive

Not quite a loan wolf, more of an islamic employee?

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Ok i knew it.

And he knew it, he's the best of people and we the kafir are the worst of people. How could he not get that promotion? Racism / islamophobia . Pure and simple.

If we didn't have people like him, who would do the jobs that we wouldn't? The place would just grind to a halt with everybody looking on waiting for somebody to sweep the floor.

Who wouldn't think that holding everybody hostage was the best way to get a promotion at work, I'm locked 'n' loaded for tomorrow, i'll be the CEO within a week!

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