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Londoners Buying Most Southwest Homes

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Buy to letters were the market in Plymouth.

they are no longer the market, asking prices are mostly still at March levels although changing quick.

Seen houses sold in 2013 for 130k asking now 170k three years later.

Estate agents are desperate to get houses on their books, starting to see obvious estate argent cars left in busy car parks with huge HOUSES WANTED sign.

the typical house is going on sale 30-40% more than they actually sell for, although allready seeing 10% reductions after about a month on the market (spring rush)

No obvious London buyers in Plymouth. and the amount of hate shown to Londoners in the sticks around Devon and Cornwall borders on extremism.

not a pleasant place to be for a Londoner, garages deliberately rip them off etc.

A lot of the houses are obviously families selling recently departed grandparents house. Only a few obvious BTL houses going up (can tell with the cheap carpets and looking a bit run down)

it's going to be another long 12 months before BTL flood the market, although the relative lack of BTL unloading at the moment is actually quite a good sign, they will all panic at the same time next summer.

just keep saving.

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Nor anything new. The southwest has been a favourite destination for retiring or downshifting londoners for generations. And of course those selling London property can outbid anyone else - local or otherwise - for the most desirable homes.

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