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Estate Agents Keep Damaging My House

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This is now the third time they've scratched / dented my house.

First time I let it slip as the people put an offer in that I accepted, second time I said no one to bring in their own ladders without my permission (as they are idiots that can't even use a ladder without scratching) and they also need permission to go in the loft.

Third time they manage to dent the plastic flooring with a very obvious dent. Not easy to fix or replace. Will do some repair job thanks to their recklessness.

They aren;t taking responsibility and im stuck with them for 12 more weeks and anyone they've introduced within 9 months they still get commission.

Its just fecking ridiculous - i've lived here for years and had lots of people stay and I've taken care of it. They dent the place up far more than I have in years with a few viewing.

They want £400 quid if I leave them now and won;t drop the 9 months still commission clause. I wanted to STR soonish thinking there will be a crash but don't want to give these idiots any money. Planning next to go with an online agent.

Sorry mods can this be moved to house selling after a few people get a chance to view?

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Try posting on MSE forums is my advice.

And ditch the agent if they know you aren't happy they'll lose interest.

Thanks I should probably do that. I know that is the place for some good advice (despite its reputation around here).

Why will the agents lose interest? I'd of thought they would still try to sell it else they get zip.

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Tell them to fck off and send them an invoice for internal repairs. The ONLY language agents of all colours understand in my extensive experience is aggressive and confrontational. Anything less they see you as an easy meal. Treat them like the vermin they are. (strictly in a business sense of course, I'm sure they're lovely people outside of 9-5)

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Well they will get something if they sell it at kite flying price ASAP.

But if they loose interest im fcuked if prices do start to crash.

That was my thinking wig, get shot of them and their jumped up attitude and siht shoes. Probably will stay with them, but need to not be walked all over. Vermin indeed.

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Well, it's up to you and you shouldn't rely on internet information. But if it was me, I'd tell the agent to f**k off, you aren't selling with them as you aren't happy and there's no point wasting each other's time. Wait a few weeks, stick it on the market with another agent. They won't even think of "going legal" because you could just turn around and say your buyer is a private one, not via the new agent. Your word against theirs. Depends how arsey they are.

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